Residential Designer


Building a custom home and developing your house plans is a challenging process, but it can fulfill the dream of a lifetime. A successful design should meet the client’s needs and dreams in a way that produces a beautiful and comfortable home, as well as one that is efficient and cost effective. A client’s unfamiliarity with the process of residential design should not hinder that client’s comprehension of the phases of design services. These five phases introduce first-time clients to the common services of design and the process of design-bid-build. Completing these phases ensures a successfully built and contracted project.

Phase I: Schematic Design

This is where your projects begins. We organize your thoughts, dreams and desires during the Schematic Design phase by generating a Program. The Program is a list of spaces, size of spaces and interaction between spaces that will be the foundation for your design. We will also start the research and Code Analysis to determine your specific zoning and environmental restrictions. Based on the Program and Code Analysis we will prepare preliminary design sketches, floor plans (layout), and exterior elevation(s). The purpose of this phase is to have a complete understanding of your intentions and project requirements. To be certain that we communicate our ideas to you we can use several different presentation methods such as photomontages, 3D renderings, models, etc.

Phase II: Design Development

All of the major design decisions for the project will be made during Design Development. The sketches generated during the Schematic Design will be detailed and developed into a complete set of drawings. All building material and finishes will be selected. A review of the Code Analysis will be performed verify that the project complies with all governing agencies. When Phase II is complete, the project / house plans will be fully developed and you will be asked to approve the Design Development package and authorize us begin preparing the Construction Documents.

Phase III: Construction Docs / Permit Processing

With the design fully developed, we add the technical information which includes; notes, dimensions, schedules, and final detailing. The Construction Documents completed will become the legal documents for which the General Contractor will prepare his bid and build your home. We will also prepare the Applications for the Planning and Building Departments and combine them with the completed Construction Documents for submittal to the governing agencies for review and comments. Years of experience with these agencies and house plans has allowed us to be able to push the projects through at a rapid pace with few obstacles.

Phase IV: Contractor Bidding and Negotiations

With Construction Documents complete, attention is focused on selecting a General Contractor that has the ability, power, and personality to not only make your project a reality, but to do it within your budget. Vast experience in new construction and remodels has allowed us to develop a bullet proof list of local General Contractors that are invited to bid our projects. The Bidding Phase allows the client access to these contractors as well as our Microsoft Excel analysis of the bids, which makes this complex phase comprehensible. We will be present at all of the contractor interviews to assist you as necessary in making a selection. Once the General Contractor is selected the project team is now complete.

Phase V: Construction Observation

This is the most rewarding part of the project as well as the most important. It is where you, us, the selected General Contractor, the Construction Documents and reality merge into one. We can perform this service by working closely with the General Contractor to help resolve any unexpected issues that may arise through scheduled meetings and constant communication. Our job is to make sure your project is constructed in compliance, on schedule and within budget. When the project is close to completion, we will perform a walk through with the team and prepare a “Punch List” of items that need completion or modification. Our service provides you, our client, whether local or distant, the confidence that their lifetime dream home will be a complete success. Our job is not complete until you are completely satisfied.